Digital Display Ads

Micro Address Targeting

Get Your

Customers back

with Digital Ads

Streaming TV ads

Consumers are now watching video content via the internet bypassiing broadcast tv and cable providers. programs are being delivered directly to the consumer and your ad can be right there. with consumers cutting the cord, stream services like roku, pluto and fubo are exploding and creating a path for your ads to reach your customer.

Digital Display Ads

Its possible to find your ideal customer by filtering possible targets

with great detail so that your ad expenditures are minimized and effectiveness is maximiized. When ever, where ever and what ever digital media your customers utilizes, your ads are right there trying to make a sale .

Case Study

A high end automotive shop targeted

their past customer list with ads sent directly to the home. During the campaign, each household received

8 ads a day with varying ad copy.

Succesful copy is given more impression weight. Website traffic and interactions are tracked and ulitmately

new service appointments are cross checked with the target list. Client

logged a strong and steady stream of appointments from the campaign.

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