Streaming TV Spots
Consumers are now watching video content via the internet bypassing traditional broadcast TV and cable providers. Programs are being delivered directly to consumers, one at time and your Ad can be right there. With consumers cutting the cord, stream services like Roku, Sling, CNN, Fubo are exploding and creating slots for your ads. 

Geo - Targeting

With Broadcast TV channels, you are spending on reaching consumers over 100 miles away. With cable, you are buying channels you don't want. OTT is a great way to focus on the geography that matters to you and save plenty on your ad spend. We can target by your trading area, specific neighborhoods or street.

Behavior Targeting

We can select the ideal customer based on their demonstrated behaviors- if someone reads about "Master's Golf or best cities for retirement" we now know a great deal about this consumer- an ideal customer for travel, investments, or dentures.
We can find the right behaviors that signal the ideal target for you.

Demographic Targeting

We can also select the ideal customer based on their age, gender, income, education,  adults with children, singles, or homeowners. -There is no to spend your ad dollars in reaching customers that do not fit your ideal demographic profile.


There are many to track your digital performance- online orders, website visits, in-store visits, and phone calls. With digital tracking can you constantly make your ad dollars more efficient and eliminate wasted ad spend.


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