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I am Ed Carcarey, call me at 805-331-4744 or email me at

In Oxnard, there aren't many TV choices to advertise your business. It just doesn't make sense to buy ads in the LA market to reach your customers in Oxnard.

But now you can. You can buy tv ads only in Oxnard, pay for an audience only in Oxnard, with an affordable budget.

Have you noticed all the new screens- smart phones, ipads, smart tv's?  We can get your TV ads onto those screens. 

Reach your Oxnard customers with TV ads, finally.

Give me a call or send me an email, we can talk about we may be able to get your TV spots in front of your customers.

I am Ed Carcarey, call me at 805 331-4744 or email me


We have been working with Emerald Digital for our online advertising needs and definitely feel the impact on the growth of our dental offices. 

Digital advertising is working very well for our Dealership, 

and we appreciate Mr. Carcarey's efforts in helping us get

started with digital campaigns.

For the last few years,  we have been working with Emerald for our advertising needs; Television, Digital, and Events. They have helped us grow our business year after year. 

Our local office has been working with Emerald Digital to

run our digital  recruitment campaigns. We are pleased with

the results this new medium affords the targeting of our ads

to greater efficiency. 

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We are Emerald Wave Media, a 25 year media company on the Central Coast of California. 

We have available the full array of digital advertising products to help grow your revenues. Curious about Digital Advertising? 

We have years of experience with local clients and we would like to chat with you and explore how digital advertising can put you in front of your customers. 


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