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Emerald Wave Media Event Marketing

Downtown Fridays

More than a parade, this annual elks event embodies participation from every facet of the community. At the end of the parades route, that community can enjoy local food, entertainment and cold drink. Over 10,000 attend this parade fair.

Visit with your Neighbor, enjoy some Santa Maria Bbq for dinner, watch the stage performers or just sit and people watch at Downtown Fridays. In a joint project with the city of Santa Maria, Fridays are a town favorite. Sponsorships and participation plans are available for  advertisers wanting a strong connection to the community.


Elks Rodeo Parade Fair

Arriba Concerts

Straight from the billboard charts, we feature premium headliners in concerts. With more than a dozen such events per year, this is great way for brands to showcase with the background of whats exciting, current, and motivating for the crowds in attendance.

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