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Stay in Front of Your Customers  
With Digital Ads

Why Digital Ads?

Consumers are spending much more time on their digital devices, and that is where you want to be as well. The real ability of digital ads is targeting. Rather than advertise to an entire city/county/ dma, you can select your target person based on their online behaviors, demographics, and location.


Case Study

A high end automotive shop targeted their past customer list with ads sent directly to the home. During the campaign, each household received 8 ads a day with varying ad copy. Successful copy is given more impression weight. Website traffic and interactions are tracked and ultimately new service appointments are cross checked with the target list. Client logged a strong and steady stream of appointments from the campaign.


Case Study

A Retired living apartment complex, identified six criteria of their potential resident- age, income, credit rating, lifestyle choices like travel, health, and zip code. This campaign placed the copy  on computers and mobile devices of intended potential customer. After a three month campaign, the Apartment complex had rented out their units to qualified residents.


Streaming TV Ads

A streaming TV spot only appears in front of the selected customer- targeted by their content searches, zip code, or incomes. The filters available are extensive, really define the target and lower the campaign cost. Rather than buy the entire market to reach your customer, you only pay to reach your target customer. You will spend less on a campaign and get a better ROI.

The move to streaming entertainment began with cord cutters tired of large cable tv bills and has now accelerated with the corona isolation. Viewers have discovered free platforms like Roku,pluto or tubi as well as streaming channels by established companies like NBC, CNN, espn, and TNT. Because a viewer becomes engaged with a long form program, when the non-skippable commercials play, they have over an 85% completion rate.

~ Case Study ~

Kern County wanted to enhance Census participation in its Black, HIspanic, Punjabi

and Filipino community. This extensive campaign

delivered significant participation in the Census from their targeted communities.

The City of Lompoc needed to add a 1% sales tax to fund the city budget. The streaming tv spot campaign placed a video message on computers, Smart TV's, Tablets, and smart phones of Lompoc voters. The tax measure successfully passed with 69% approval rate.

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